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    Re: [RC] Howard??? - SandyDSA

    I for one, love Howard's humor and his funny stories.  So he isn't perfect.....I can't walk on water either (except with skis).  And have been known to cuss, but only when I'm "extremely" stressed or angry.

    You know, I do too find many of his - and other - stories fun - and am not offended by his offerings in general. Cussing is not the same thing as calling peole names - Jesus Freak? I guess that would be me - and while I am not offended by anyone knowing where my heart is at, it hurts to think that someone I DO like would make remarks like that in a public forum or otherwise - and indeed, I would be crucified (no offense intended there) if I - or anyone else - were to call someone a stinkin' atheist or something on that order. I don't cuss and swear, here or anywhere else, but don't take huge offense when others do, because I find it answers someone's need to engender attention thereby, or in the case of far too many teens, they simply have such a limited vocubulary :) that they simply have not learned to communicate on a higher level yet. (My 14 year old daughter told me that!) It just isn't necessary to call people names to tell a story or make a point.