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  • - Heidi Smith

    Re: [RC] Strange stuff at OD - TddWil

    I think I saw these people start the ride from a trailer along the blacktop raod that is the first mile of the ride. I think some people had camped pulled along that road. A pinto and another horse fast cantered by me - I was fallen on last year on this road and opted to walk - on foot - until the dirt trail, since my horse's buddy didn't get to start. When I got up the hill and started down the other side I came across the pinto galloping toward me up the hill - the guy said a horse was sick and I told him the guy at the road crossing probably had a radio. A short distance later I saw the tied up horse standing still off the trail waiting for the vets. A half mile later I passed the vets, climbing that lovely hill with all their equipment - gasp! I never did see another horse going the wrong way, I started about 75th and got to McCoy's Ford about 8:00 - the cut off was 8:45.