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    [Fwd: Re: [RC] OD (Long)] - Jim Holland

    Guess my eyes must be failing...it happens to us old guys over time.  Thought fer sure after 935 miles in competition and  seven years of nobody but me on his back, I would be able to recognize the slightest variation in his gait.  Gee, I didn't have any trouble recognizing that he was most certainly off at Fitchett......must have been the gin and tonics... :)

    Jim, Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic

    >As someone who watched most of the vetting, especially saw Jim's horse vet in.  After watching >Sunny trot out, and was surprised that he was allowed to start.  I even asked Joan how you got >to start, you know the answer to that.  The vets made several people recheck, those that were >"off" some they had no problem letting them start.