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    Re: [RC] Shivering? - XV11Star

    In a message dated 6/11/02 10:51:30 AM Pacific Daylight Time, EnduranceMorgan1@xxxxxxxxx writes:

    With Sonny, my older Morgan, I could never put any water on his rear above his hocks. If I did, he would get a shiver in the area of his stifle.

    That sounds like a plan for this mare, too.  I haven't noticed her shivering in the past from washing her off like I did this time, but there are always new variations on the circumstances.  She seemed to be so bright and happy throughout the whole ride, maybe she was just still excited from it, or the warm breeze where we were chilled her muscles too fast after having been warm for several hours, or who knows!  I am really relieved to report that she was quite perky yesterday and not even stiff from her ride.  I, on the other hand....  LOL  Our trailer got a flat on the way home so I have to get that fixed before heading out for the same trails again, but I think my mare is more prepared than I am.  Next time I will be much more careful about her temperature though, and be prepared with a sheet even though it is summer here in SoCal.  :)  And I loved the idea of preparing ahead with a set-out bucket of water.  Thanks :)

    Thank you to everyone who responded both on RC and privately!!