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    Dorann LaPerch bonnfyrefarms@xxxxxxxxx
    I have a horse here at the farm that belongs to a client.  She is 10 years old, and was born here at Bonn-Fyre Farms (I owned her mother and her father). Her mother was an extremely high strung mare.  This mare has had a really easy life, and in fact its only since the start of this year that she is having a "real work schedule".
    This mare was diagnosed at Alamo Pintado Equine Clinic with a bleeding ulcer about three years ago.  At that time her life consisted of being turned out to play in pasture 6 days a week with her friends. Brought into a stall with a paddock in the afternoon. Not what I would consider stressful.
    Now about the shivering....This mare shivers when she is tied to the trailer and is getting tacked up, she shivers when you come back from riding her and is tied to the trailer, sometimes she shivers when you stop on the trail and are waiting say for a young horse to cross water, she shivers when you take her to a new place to ride her.   The shivering does stop when you ride her.  Her owner has been pleading with me to take her to an endurance ride (LD).  I really believe this mare can not mentally handle that. Physcially she is in great shape. This topic is so timely for me. I am looking forward to hearing from others on this. I feel that I am doing what is best for her by no agreeing to take her on a ride. I could never forgive myself if something happened to her.  Even though her owner has told me not to worry.  I am going with MY instincts.  This mares base personality is nervous, and I really believe she internalizes everything.
    So everyone, what do you think about a horse like this going to an LD ride?  Am I asking for trouble?  Who else has a horse that quivers like a bowl of Jello?  This horse has not been "scoped" since her episode three years ago.
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