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    Re: [RC] Have things changed? - Heidi Smith

    Oh, I hate to tell ya, Howard, but the wimmen were around back then, too--they stayed up drinking around the campfire just like the boys, and held up their end at that pretty well, too....  :-)
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    Subject: [RC] Have things changed?

    And, another thing is the wimmen have completely taken over.  Some of them will even vet the rides (if you can believe that one!), most of the ride managers are wimmen, and 90% of the riders are wimmen, so be ready.
    Those good ole days where the men stayed up late the night before, partying and drinking heavily (these are just rumors I've heard about the good ole days) are long since gone since the wimmen have entered the game. 

    [RC] Have things changed?, Howard Bramhall