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    Re: [RC] The Endurance Legends Calendar - goearth

    Hello,  the list now has 15, including three USA World Champions.  Along with the obvious choices there is Bill Wilson, Central.  Do any of you know him?  My Mailing address is P.O. Box 169  Luray Va.  If you think you or your horse should be on the calender send a photo and AERC record and why.  The Quality of the photo may override some one more famous because a group will select the 12.  There is going to be a...."In Remembrance"  Wendall Robie, Smoky Killen, Virl Norton, Lawton Johnson, Mark Dees, and Andy Bender.  We are trying to put together a worming schedule because i always forget the process.  a few trail tips.....  Any and all will be considered and the QUALITY of the Photo will play more than popularity.   tom sites
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    From: Sean Phelps <skphelps1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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    Date: Monday, June 03, 2002 9:01 PM
    Subject: [RC] The Endurance Legands Calendar

    Hi Tom,
    I would be honored if you would even consider my endurance pony. He is a 13.2h black and white Paint Tenn Walking Pony. He turns many heads at the endurance rides because hes not the "Norm". He was purchased for my children to ride but was way too hot for them. I am a petite adult so started to ride him to calm him down. He loves endurance and has placed top ten in 6 out of the 9 rides we have done together! In the Arena he's a sweetheart with the kids!!!! If you are interested in reviewing his AERC records his name is Oreo and mine is Sheryl Phelps from Thousand Oaks, California. Many thanks for even considering our little Oreo.
    My e-mail is intoriding@xxxxxxxxx should you be interested in a photo.
    Sheryl and Oreo