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    RE: [RC] underwear - Mike Sofen

    You gals are quite funny, and of course are providing no end to the
    entertainment value of ridecamp.  Thank you.  :-)
    Speaking for men, we have two primary requirements - "containment" and
    moisture absorption.  I've tried numerous products, and am sticking with the
    mid-thigh spandex boxer-type shorts.  These aren't the baggy type, these are
    all spandex material just like riding tights (snug all over).
    Surprisingly, they don't creep up (anywhere), and there is no chafing in the
    crotch area where normal men's underwear has their seams.  There is
    moderate containment but it is enough.  The brand I use is from REI, made of
    their MTS (Moisture Transport System) fabric (a polyester) and it wicks
    moisture extremely well, which is the other primary irritant.  It comes in
    Men's and Women's styles and also in a bikini style.  Cotton retains
    moisture and tends to increase rashes and irritation.
    Without fail, when I wear regular non-boxer style underwear, I get serious
    rubs from the seams in the crotch area.
    The other best solution for me has been the Saddle Bums padded tight where
    it can come with a crotch pad that acts like underwear, and that is a great
    riding tight - no underwear needed, but because it's absorbing
    moisture/sweat, you need to wash them more often.
    Mike Sofen
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    >thongs are the only kind i can stand
    Thongs are the only kind I *can't* stand!
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