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    Re: [RC] underwear - Vallonelee

    Evelyn custom makes all her own tights to your specifications.  She has been making my tights for about five years now.  She offers wonderful customer service and will make them to your measurements at no extra charge.  She is on Ridecamp but I don't think she has a web page yet.   I will let her quote the prices to you because I haven't bought any in 1-2 years but I think her "trotting bras" are about $20-25 (and these are the best bras that I have ever worn).  The tights depend on what you get, padding, knee pads, etc.  She does them in cotton lycra and nylon lycra, with or without side stripes, beautiful colors and solids.  You really have to contact her - she is the BEST ! ! !

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