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    Re: [RC] Land Use Policies & Horses - SandyDSA

    And in this vein, don't ANYONE forget that WE, the TAXPAYERS, OWN this land - not the politicians! Assuming it is enjoyed in a thoughtful way (a ride happens ONCE a YEAR for Pete's sake!), public lands AND private land use is under attack from all the nutty liberals who would like us to all live in apartments, ride bikes and stay out of natural areas. The implications of this poorly thought-out and far-reaching proposal are an outrage to private property owners as well as ANYONE who pays taxes - which pay for the acquisition and care of open areas and National Recreation areas.

    VIGILANCE is key - and don't let these politicians (sorry, didn't mean to swear:)!)tell us that we don't own this land - WE DO! You and ME!