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    Re: [RC] Crew Worth - SandyDSA

    But, I think the difficult part is explaining it to "normal people" when asked the question, what are you doing this weekend?What are "normal people?"

    I enjoy crewing, and am happy when riders appreciate my help. I think a few riders know me, and for the ones I have crewed for, have been satisfied with my abilities, even though I do not consider myself a "horse person"!Can I ask what your expertise is?
    I only asked the question, 'how much is a good crew worth?' because other riders have asked me what I charge for a ride. Since I have never thought of it before, I usually always say, whatever you think is fair. So I guess the real question is, what is fair?
    I mean no disrespect to the people that crew out of love for the sport, or people that do it out of obligation, but I am an entity unlike the spouse, child, or friend.....I am crew! 

    (S0 am I - a lot!)

    Certainly, being "only" a spouse or child or friend does not on its own relegate these people to a lesser competency. On the contrary, since my family and friends DO work closely with me with the horses, their competency is not even an issue. Conversely, I WANT a horse person to be crew for me. I need someone with a quality working knowlege of metabolics, form to function, gait abnormalities, and knows each horse well enough to perceive a problem - before the horse is in distress. Aside from the experience that I woudlr equire, I would ride sans crew - as I did for years, and still do, before I would depend upon a non-horse person to protect my horse from physical straits. The rider is indeed the first - and most potent - line of defense for the safety of the horse, not the crew. I don't know if the disrespect is aimed at the family members and friends so much as it is at those who actually have years of experience as well as education and credentialing in the areas most affective in maintaining a horse safely over a ride. If I were to pay for crew, I woudl expect an experienced AND educated horse person. Anyone can fill a bucket of water - so I do it myself.