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    [RC] electrolyte recipe - Ridecamp Guest

    Rachelle sdarosa@xxxxxxx
    I have just found this site!  I am sooo excited.  I am new at the sport of endurance and competitive trail.  I have my first ride ever this weekend.  It is a competitve trail ride in my home state of OK.  I get to camp with my horse for the first time as well.  I am going with my friend who has done a few  rides so I feel pretty prepared,  yeah we will see=).  So my question is on electrolytes.  This past Jan. I went to an endurance confrence and the vet there told us some of the pastes you can buy are just straight sugar, he offered a few recipes and so did some of the riders that spoke, but I have misplaced them.  I was hoping to find some here.  Also when is the best time to give your horse electrolytes and are there definite times when you should not give them?  I seem to remember the recipies haveing mostly dry indredients so my next question is HOW do I give it if it on the trail if it is not pastey like the store bought?  OKAY, OKAY... I need the whole run down on them again.  Sure wish I could find my notes...
    Thanks in advance.
    Rachelle from OK!
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