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    RE: [RC] Helmets - Roby, Diane

    I never used to wear a helmet either.  I've had 3 concussions as a kid and I swear sometimes (husband too) that I have mild brain damage from them.  I get incredible migranes that may or may not be a result.  My daughter rides with me sometimes and she doesn't go near a horse with out a helmet on and I always do now.
    Last time I rode in my english saddle on a trail, and the only time so far, I had my helmet on.  First time for that too and I'm glad cause my normally unspooky Appendix mare did some really spectacular 180's and then bucked and off I came.  I don't even remember it, really, but my friends say I got up, shook my head and then got back on. All I had was a headache and a reason to buy a new helmet.
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    Okay, so I feel guilty.....I never wear my helmet except at shows.
    I don't even jump in it....
    (who promises she'll go home and root through her trunk until she finds her crasher.  And then wear it.  When jumping.)