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    [RC] Here is the name, folks - amber applegate

    Wow, you have all touched my heart, the response from every single list even
    the non gaited lists is overwhelming. So many people wanting to help.
    First off, yes, this idiot wants to sell his horses. Here is what he
    said.....He wants to only sell a package deal. ie, sell the stallions with
    the broodmares.  And he said "I want to find someone wanting to get into the
    horse business that will buy them as a package to get their foot in the
    door."   We took that to mean, some sucker that doesn't know shit from
    shinola. But it wouldn't take a moron to look at these horses and see what
    they are getting.
    I am going to  give everyone the name of this person and the name of the
    stallions. I am sure many of you that know the TWH breed are going to drop
    over from shock........
    Stallions: "Best of Generator" and "Bustin With Pride"  Owner: Daryl
    Nichols. Location: Near Junction City, Or.
    Ranch name is I believe, Best of the West.  Yea, right.
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