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    Re: [RC] Helmets - Tara Wheeler

    I just went on a CTR clinic ride.
    About a half dozen adults who had never worn helmets and had no interest in
    ever wearing helmets got a front row seat for a serious accident when a
    horse fell on her rider on a steep slope while crossing a creek.
    The lady rider involved was wearing a helmet and was a very good rider, but
    her horse panicked when two legs slid out in the soft ground on the slope
    and the horse landed on the lady rider, squishing her down into the mud.
    The rider came off and ended up directly underneath the horse.  While
    scrambling to get up, the horse nailed her right in the head with a back
    Even though she was wearing a helmet, I was sure she was dead.  I was twenty
    feet away and the crack sounded like a muffled rifle shot.
    After a few minutes she got up and finished the ride.
    I had several people come up to me and ask where I got my helmet after that.
    I always ride with my helmet.  Hell of a lot cheaper than a ride in
    Lifeflight and time in ICU.
    When I broke my elbow, the doctor on duty almost kissed me when I told him
    that I was wearing my helmet when I came off my horse.
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