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    [RC] The Revenge of the Bot Eggs - Tracey

     It started off as a fairly ordinary Sunday morning.  I was berated for
    wanting to ride my horse (again!) and had to promise to perform all manner
    of wifely duties in return.  Finally, I managed to get out to the stables,
    where my horse was standing, patiently waiting for me.  I started to put on
    his tendon boots, and noticed that he had bot eggs on his opposite foreleg.
    Without thinking (doh!), I peered round and ran my fingernail down his
    tendon, to scrap the eggs off.  Like a good wee boy, he complied by lifting
    his foot, and got me SPLAT! between the eyes.
    I was knocked out cold.  When I came round, there was blood all over my
    face, and I had absolutely no idea where I was, who I was, and what I was
    doing.  My poor gtroom was standing over me, going "hello, hello, hello"
    (which was all the English he could speak at that stage), and waving his hat
    in my face.
    I was taken through to High Care, and kept overnight for severe concussion.
    And I was given three stitches to the bridge of my nose.
    I never did get to ride that day.  But, hey, I got out of washing dishes and
    cooking lunch.  Woo hoo!!!!
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