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    [RC] gentle horse - Maria Berger

    Hi Ridecampers,
    I am looking for a horse for my friend's daughter. The daughter is 18 years old, has ridden some a few years ago and is very good with animals. She used to come over and ride and groom my horses. Her parents have no experience with horses but would love for her to finally have her own horse. They asked me if I knew something for them. They live out in the country (they used to have a dairy farm) and have 10 acres of pasture left. They are looking for a gentle horse that knows the handling and grooming routine. It doesn't need to be a performance riding horse, but it would be nice if she could ride it now and then.
    If you know somebody that is looking for a good home for an older, gentle, well mannered horse, please contact me.
    Maria Berger
    Winnsboro, TX
    (903) 365-2964 home
    (361) 441-6959 cell

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