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    [RC] Fathers / Husbands / mothers are the problem! - Kristene Smuts

    The way I see this whole "going" or "not going" to ER problem is mothers / husbands / fathers!  IOW, somebody else.  If it weren't for them, those of us limping into camp - either at a ride or at home - would never see the inside of a hospital, unless we were unconscious to start with.  They are the ones that "make" us go.
    Some years back I tore the ligaments in my right ankle, getting *onto* a horse - it wasn't even moving ;-)).  The girth wasn't tight enough, it was a huge TB and when I eventually got to the top to swing my leg over, the saddle decided to turn around on me.  I came down hard on my leg, twisted the ankle and tore the ligaments.  Anyway, I saw stars for a few minutes, sat down, took the boot off and watched the blue golf ball grow in size.  There wasn't any blood pouring out, so I was OK, wasn't I?  So after I caught my breath, I realised I couldn't ride the rest of that day and drove home.  Remember, our cars are right hand drive so the gas pedal was under my right foot, thank goodness it wasn't the clutch.  I got home, put some ice on the ankle, settled in to a chair, elevated the leg and waited for hubby to come home from golf.  In the mean time, unbeknownst to me, my mom had phoned hubby, who raced home, bundled me in the car with me protesting heavily and rushed me to ER.  We sat there for a few hours while some real emergency took place - a guy got stung by a bee and it turned out he was allergic...... unfortunately he died a while later.  It made my injury seem unworthy of attention and I wanted to leave a number of times during the wait, but hubby would have none of it.
    I'm not a very good patient at the best of times so not being able to stand on one foot did not put me in a very good mood!  Had I NOT gone to hospital, I would have been walking around within a day or two, but unfortunately hubby was given the instructions so I couldn't get around it.
    Seeing as some of us are "sharing" our war stories - Cindy Budler has a pearl about being kicked by a mare while in the stable .... how about it Cindy?
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