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    Re: [RC] Breaking my heart - Tracey

    Lif wrote:
    > Actually, that's not true - it just depends on what people are in a
    > particular branch of the Humane Society.  Some are more aggressive than
    It goes further than that, and depends as well on the prosecutor and the
    judge.  In the case I dealt with, the prosecutor knew jack about horses, and
    so did the magistrate.  Trying to ge the prosecutor to understand about
    "trickle feeding" and colic, and why one bag of food wouldn't feed fifty
    horses was akin to hitting my head against a wall.
    The humane society was great, but I can understand their reluctance to
    become involved in "unprovable" cases.  Their resources are limited, and so
    are their finances.  They would probably have been better off out in the
    field instead of sitting in court for the five days it took for these
    bastards to be acquitted.
    I'm a bit acid about this...can you tell???
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    Re: [RC] Breaking my heart, Lif Strand