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    Re: [RC] Cell phones while riding - Heidi Smith

    > Here in Texas, Verizon seems to have the best coverage.
    Here in central Idaho, there are far fewer places that ARE covered than
    aren't.  Taking a cell phone riding around here would just mean one more
    impediment on which to land, unless you ride along the highway, within 17
    miles of town to the SE, 6 miles to the SW, and about 6 or 7 to the N.
    Other than that, forget it....  Or at least until you get over the pass and
    95 miles SE, or over the pass and 90 miles N, or up the river and 120 miles
    SW (where there is one more small pocket that is covered)....
    Heidi (still living where technology has only invaded to the extent of what
    you can access on a phone line....)
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