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    [RC] On Helmets - Maggie & David

    I teach riding. NO ONE rides without a helmet at my barn. All of the parents are really good about getting their kids helmets. But it burns me up that one mother makes sure her kids have their helmets on to ride, but they get in the car to go home and don't wear seat belts. The four-year-old is not in a car seat, either. Well, he sits on the base of it, but doesn't buckle in. Her reason for not buckling up (she doesn't either) is that the kids don't like it.
    As a medic and a nurse, I almost hate to see them come. Nice people, but that's two more rides in a car unbuckled than if they didn't come to ride. And her husband is a doctor. Aaarrgggghhh.
    Maggie Pritchard-holding my breath for the squad run
    Foxy--I wouldn't mind if they didn't come! They don't bring treats!