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    Re: [RC] Update- Rain and no Riding - Karen J. Zelinsky

    Roger - 
    Missed the info about your "injury" at Biltmore??  I left Sat. afernoon. 
    What a routh weather ride!  What happened?
    Good luck healing.  I'll see you at OD.
    Karen Zelinsky, ESMT
    On Sat, 18 May 2002 01:29:33 -0400 Roger Rittenhouse <roger@xxxxxxxxxxx>
    > FROM   Roger Rittenhouse     roger@xxxxxxxxxxx
    > The ridecamp digest sure is slow -? seems I get responses before I 
    > see
    > the post to RC-   They all show up  but later. John T???
    > Anyway - since I am NOT riding, not even a short ride, and since 
    > this
    > weekend is the Longstreets Ride in GA and I am missing another ride, 
    > I
    > thought I would do some posting.
    > First the injury is a bit more serious then expected. I have had 
    > some
    > real bad days lately.
    > I seem to be having some sort of unstable moments, walking sort of
    > weeble wooble, not bad, but a few bad steps here and there.
    > And no Howard, its not the drugs and beer.
    > So I went to my chiropractor and we agreed I
    > need to see 'other professionals' I am just not healing very well.
    > My regular doctor had me start an anti- inflammatory, I have been on 
    > this
    > drug  randomly, but he now insists I take it every day. I am also
    > going to a orthopedists Dr next week- to have the MRI  re-evaluated
    > by someone else.  And to just look at the situation and see what
    > should be next.
    > I have no idea when I will be  OK to ride. Looks like the whole year 
    > is
    > shot.
    > Seems there have been a number of riders getting hurt this year.
    > I have tried the alternative forms of meds to help this problem. 
    > Let
    > me tell you I have not had very good results. Now that may well be
    > because I did not apply the remedy correctly but all the herbs and
    > the homeopathic meds did not do very much to help.
    > So I dont think we really need to worry about this form of medicine
    > making lame horses sound (aka Rule 13).
    > I have also taken enough MSM to help support the MSM mfgrs. It had
    > little to no effect. SO much for the anti- inflammatory properties 
    > of
    > MSM. I took up to 3 times the horse dose. Now I have been told 
    > humans
    > require higher levels of MSM then a horse to gain a pharmacologic
    > effect. But I have not found that level.
    > I tried static magnets  JOKE  NO help no way, Did a blind test, 
    > with
    > the wrap -  both with magnets and without. No difference. Now they 
    > may not have been
    > the 'correct' (higher priced) magnets  but it did nothing.
    > What DID work ok is the ELECTRO-Magnet. I have been using that from 
    > the
    > incident. Not a cure all but it helps when I am really sore.
    > What REALLY worked is DRUGS good old WESTERN hard DRUGS, CODEINE, 
    > and
    > the BEXTRA (valdeoxib)  and Aleve (naproxen sodium. This stuff 
    > really
    > works.  ( Note to Howard, yes at times the drug enhancing 
    > supplement
    >  does help)
    > So that's an update, not too great, sure miss going to the rides.
    > Biltmore - with all the cold rainy weather really trashed me. I do
    > think I will try to make the OD, I have not missed a ride there for
    > the past 10 or 12 years, either riding or working.
    > Horse looks great, going barefoot, keeping the toes short and 
    > opening
    > the heels. Had to cut back his feed, getting too fat.
    > Few other posts coming on other issues
    > Roger Rittenhouse
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