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    Re: [RC] [RC] Question: weird clicking noise from horse - Laurie Durgin

    So that's why , ever since I was a kid , my knees crack ever time I squat.???My Dr. said  it was tight ligaments. . . So then If I take magnesium. . .  I WON'T CRACK ANYMORE  !!!!!
        :=0}    LAURIE
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    Subject: [RC] [RC] Question: weird clicking noise from horse
      I have heard many explanations for the clicking noises coming from various joints
    and which is often described as you describe it.
      I have asked this question to vets for years, and the most often answer 
    is the following (any vets reading this can chime in with their opinion):
     i.e it's coming from the synovial
    fluid in the joint, and is gas (nitrogen I think) build-up releasing . It comes and goes, and usually is gone by the time the horse is warned up and will not (necessarily) indicate any problems.
    I say.. why the heck does THAT occur... no answer forthcoming from any of them..
    This occurs with my knees, and * I've* never had a problem with them :).

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