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    Re: [RC] Cell phones while riding - Rides 2 Far

    I'd say the odds that it will work are in inverse proportions to how
    badly you want it to work. I was riding my horse down through a deep
    hollow of Pigeon Mtn. and my pack rang.  You can't really get the thing
    up to your head very well with a helmet on and your horse dancing around
    near a drop off. It was my teenage daughter.  "Mom, can I go with my
    friends, they're all going to...umm where ARE you anyway?
    If she hadn't been able to reach me, she couldn't have asked to go. 
    I finally got a cell phone when Josie started riding with me. The thought
    of her getting hurt and me having to go for help or visa versa did it.  I
    keep meaning to have a ride where I just try it all over the mountain to
    find out where it comes in so I'll know where to go call for help, but
    gotta admit I haven't yet.  
    On a positive noter...the Arabian Horse Club in Chatt. donated the
    profits from Longstreet's Charge last year to buy mileage markers for the
    trail system on Pigeon. The ranger said it's been very helpfull since
    they kept getting 911 calls from there and the people couldn't tell them
    where they were until now.
    P.S. the ride was great. I'll tell later.
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