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    [RC] King of What??? - Rides 2 Far

    > Last check I had of International members was 329. One must
    > realize that only a portion of these contributors actually
    > ride FEI rides. To be very generous I would state that there
    > are 80 actual international riders in the AERC. 
    I doubt very seriously the "they" in this post are going to try to
    separate themselves from AERC.  Because I believe "they" NEED AERC's
    numbers to justify their importance.  Last year we sent some of my
    articles to publishers to see about putting together a book.  The first
    level guy liked it, passed it up to his boss, who said it was good...so
    then it went to marketing.  Their first request was for NUMBERS.  How
    many people participate in distance riding?  So I was scraping for higher
    numbers.  Lets add up AERC, NATRC, orienteering, ride & tie, anything I
    could get to pad the numbers.  My guess is that anyone whose goal is to
    get Olympic recognition wants those numbers up there too.
    I'd say among the people who have done an international ride there are
    quite a few like me. I did *one*.  I checked it out, had a blast but
    don't really think it's my cup of tea and now I'm looking around for
    other challenges.  I've noticed some who suddenly took a big trip out
    west to do a multi-day almost as a "reaction" to having done
    International.  Steph seems to ride that fence very well.  I don't think
    that everyone who suddenly becomes an "International Rider" turns their
    back on AERC backyard competitions.  Most do both, some take a whole new
    track in totally different directions. I think Endurance Riders in
    general are sort of like that song, "Girls just wanna have fun".  (guys
    too).  We do whatever gives us a buzz and rationality (like making money)
    doesn't hold a whole lot of sway for us.
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