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    Re: [RC] Maybe I am a Dragoness - Sundaez

    In a message dated 05/18/2002 1:00:06 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
    bgloverhrsewmn@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
    > Maybe it is because I am a nurse and get threatened with violence and 
    > at on a daily basis.
    I think you nurses have to put up with a lot of crap. I just want to thank 
    you for a thankless job. Last month I fell off my horse and was knocked out 
    briefly (yes I was wearing a helmet). First thing I remember was paramedics 
    holding me down. I was told people get combative when their head is injured. 
    I kept saying "where's my horse...where's my horse" and was frantic to find 
    him...lord knows why I should have kicked his butt for spooking at a canter. 
    Anyway I was fighting the paramedics as they strapped me on a board (they 
    thought I could have a spinal injury) and they final got through to me if I 
    didn't stop it they would paralyze me. (I found out later they do this by 
    injection). That stopped me real fast.
    I have to say being in the trauma unit (and yes they cut off my 
    clothes...including pricy riding pants) was frightening...no time for jokes 
    for me. The docs and nurses gave me great care and seemed genuinely concerned 
    for me.
    So thanks to all you medical caregivers who help us horsepeople when we take 
    a tumble.
    (They told me the motorcycle guys REALLY get pissed when they cut off their 
    expensive 1700 dollar biker protective clothes).
    Melanie Snowhite
    Poway, CA.
    Check out my Icelandic Horses and Congo African Greys:
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