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Re: RC: Trailrite magic stuff

At 07:13 PM 1/12/02 -0500, wrote:
Hey Tammy:  I can't find your catalog and I need about a five lb tub of that ointment.  Bandit came back from DVE and about 3 days later, I noticed he had the dreaded cinch scurff [looks sort of like rainrot] and after I cleaned the scabs up there was almost no hair left.  I put the ointment on both sides and the next day it was much better.  Now a week later, he is almost done but I need more ointment.  It sure smells nice too.....How much and where do I send the check.  Thanks.  mb

Yeah, I need to get some more too Tammy.  Mine got used up by everybody borrowing it.  How about two more of the big jars?  let me know how much. Thanx!  Karen  (P.S. good luck getting her to put it into 5 pound tubs, I tried that already <g>)

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