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Shore to Shore

Yes the Shore to Shore does still exists.  We here in the
midwest are having our convention in 2 weeks and that will be
when the ride schedule is accepted by vote of members.  I 'm
guessing after that is when Wayne (ride manager) will have
everything officially sent in and stuff.

I've done the ride twice and did all 5 days on the same horse.
It is more of a mental challenge than physical as the mileage
isn't as accurate as it could be.....example: you cross a road
and you'll hear you are 6 miles from vet check and you are
really 12+.  I would suggest having a crew to meet you along the water isn't readily available.  the first year I rode
it my husband crewed for was wonderful ....he took our
rig down fire lanes with my back up horse in it (poor Kitty) and
met me in some very peculiar places with things like water and
mash for Alia and hot chocolate.....burger king burger and
fries.....sub sandwiches for me..  The second year we both rode
it and only had a friend drive the rig from vet check to vet
check.....we missed having someone out there just even cheering
you on!!!  It is a very pretty ride along the Au Sable river the
first 2 days.  The ideal way to go with this ride would be a
separate crew vehicle to meet horse and rider and then have
someone drive your rig to the next night's camp ground with back
up horses.  That would be the only way we would go.....I would
also suggest getting a map of the state know, one of the
atlas types that gets down to county by county and includes
those little forgotten county roads (as that's how your crew
will find you).


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