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RE: Joint Supplements (LONG)

I've personally been around the block a few times with the arthritic horse
thing. I've come to the conclusion (and been advised by vets) that it is
best to combine shots and supplements together. I've had better luck with
Legend shots than Adequan but that may only be because Legend is somewhat
anti-inflamnatory. Anyway, I've finally settled on feeding Farnam's Fluid
Flex. It's got a good level of glucosomine HCL and chondroitin sulfate,
antioxidents and is far more reasonably priced that most liquid joint
supplements. I pay around $22.95 for 32 oz (30 days) and found the gallon
for sale at Arcaro's for $63.00! The plus is that Farnam has $5.00 coupons
on their web site regularly for any size of container. Big time savings. But
most importently, it works. I think it's more effective than Cortaflex or
anything else that I've tried. Having arthritis myself, I've found that it's
frequently the minor ingredients that really make a supplement effective for
me for controlling inflammation.

Bonnie Snodgrass 

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