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Re: RC: Joint Supplements (LONG)

Liz Masters wrote:

> 2) I have acquired an older companion horse who has ringbone and artritis.
> I sat down and started looking thru a mail order catalog. To say the least
> I was overwhelmed with the volumn of joint supplements on the market.  So,
> what is the best combination of products or what is a excellent single
> therapy, what MG dose is the LEAST acceptable, what is the recommended MG
> doseage?  

Unless there are new numbers out, you are looking for a combination
of a minimum of 2200 mg Condroitin Sulfate and 3000 mg of GAGS
per daily dose.  Other ingredients like manganese are thought to work
synergistically to help the effectiveness of the CS and GAGS you are
feeding.  Feeding excess CS and GAGS does not increase the effectiveness
of your daily maintenance dose.  This is only important because joint
supplements are expensive.

> Are these products safe for long term use, what is better powder
> or liquid for absorption?  

Some people really think they are getting better results with
the liquids.  Some people think they are messy and don't want
to deal with the liquid.

>What are the differences in the following
> products?

Hyaluronic Acid
Actual fluid found in the joint capsule.  Used as an IV injection,
HA is very very effective.

Thought to work synergistically with GAGS and CS to help
them move through the body to the joints where needed.
MSM also has an anti-inflamitory affect which is very helpful
in arthritis.

Perna Mussel
Natural source of CS.  Sure-Flex lists perna mussel on their
label because Cosequin offered to sue them otherwise.

Glucosamine HCL
One form of Glucosamine substances used in the joint structure.
Sort of building blocks.

Chondroitin Sulfate
Substance found in cartilage.  These two are most effective
when feed together.

I'm not sure about the following:
> Shark Cartilage
> Hydrolysed Collagen
But I suspect they are different sources of GAGS.

> I know these the following are herbs but do they work well?
> Yucca
> Devil's Claw

Yes.  Very well.  Used in combination with the CS and GAGS and
MSM above they provide additional reduction in inflamation and

For the old horse, your most effective route would be to start
with a series of either Hyaluronic Acid IV or Adequan (IM GAGS)
injections along with starting him on something like Sure
Nutrition's Sure-Flex or Next-Level along with MSM, and either
Devil's Claw or yucca.  Or try something like Select's Power-Flex
which has yucca and devil's claw in it.  A few have the MSM along
with the rest.  Start with double doses of the oral supplements
for a month and then drop back to the daily maintenance dose.
Just choose your supplement(s) that are giving you what you
want for a price you want to pay (to someone you'd like your
money to go to).

The injectable routine can be expensive, but it really gives the
old guy a head start on joint relief.

As for young horses, I'd say endurance horses should be on joint
supplements by the time they are 10 years old for preventative.
Ex-race horses should be on joint supplements immediately because
of the extra wear and tear of racing.  I'd gather several gut feeling
opinions from different vets before feeding joint supplements to a
normal foal.  You  wouldn't want to change the way the foal develops
or produces it's own joint fluids.

MSM, Yucca, and Devil's Claw will test positive for active endurance
horses, but this is not a problem for your old guy.  Much luck with
him.  Disclaimer:  These is only my own opinions and experiences
developed from using joint supplements and injectables in several
horses for different reasons over the last 7 years.

:) - Kathy Myers
in Santa Fe, NM

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