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Re: RC: RE: Taking a dog on training rides

A friend of mine paid a hefty State Park fine after her dog (a very
friendly, but not in-your-face friendly, Golden Retriever) startled a man's
horse, and it reared and dumped him. For that reason, we don't take the dogs
with us unless we're confident we won't see other riders (usually only on a
weekday morning and usually not during peak riding season and on less
traveled trails).

The responsibility is squarely on the dog owner's shoulders to control the
dog under all circumstances. Dogs aren't given any benefit of doubt. (As
evidenced by the number of RC threads on dogs!)


I ride with a friend who has a very friendly, wonderful dog who comes along
with us.  The first time that I rode Knightmare on the road with them,
however, I really had my hands full.  Knightmare HATED that dog (well, to be
honest, she just hates dogs in general).  But, she meant to do him harm --
front hooves flashing when he was in front of us, and hind hooves flicking
him when he was beside.  I kept asking her to give to the bit, give to the
leg, etc., to try and keep her focused on me, but she's pretty talented as
athlete and could lash at the dog while still giving me lovely turns.  Your
dogs may be at risk from horse-hating mares like mine.


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