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Re: RC: Re: RE: arab lines that do well in endurance

And some of those flat croup/flat hip horses also have post legs behind, and 
the resultant stifle problems.  I look for a horse with a deep hip, with the 
muscling tied down the leg as far as possible.  My mare has a fairly flat 
croup, but a hip of medium length with a good angle and a lot of muscle.  
When I got her, I didn't know about endurance, and I wasn't very 
knowledgeable about different Arabian conformation types.  Just knew that I 
really liked her because there was so much butt there.  She has a lot of 
power, but it took me a long time to get her to travel more under herself.  
She was originally trained for western pleasure, and she sort of minced along 
in the rear.  Didn't have the mind for WP.  "Go slow" and "follow" are 
foreign words to her.   jeri

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