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Re: RC: RE: Taking a dog on training rides

In a message dated 1/10/02 2:45:26 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Do you know how other people would react to your dog?
 (Would it be a positive reaction?)  Do you have adequate control over your
 dog that you can prevent the dog from approaching other humans or horses? >>

I ride with a friend who has a very friendly, wonderful dog who comes along 
with us.  The first time that I rode Knightmare on the road with them, 
however, I really had my hands full.  Knightmare HATED that dog (well, to be 
honest, she just hates dogs in general).  But, she meant to do him harm -- 
front hooves flashing when he was in front of us, and hind hooves flicking at 
him when he was beside.  I kept asking her to give to the bit, give to the 
leg, etc., to try and keep her focused on me, but she's pretty talented as an 
athlete and could lash at the dog while still giving me lovely turns.  Your 
dogs may be at risk from horse-hating mares like mine.


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