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While we're on the subject of different breeds in endurance, I have to sing 
the praises of the only Standardbred I ever had (not making a 
generalization, here).  I bought this horse for his personality, and looked 
at his legs later.  Not smart, when you're looking at an endurance horse, 
but I just loved him.  I think this horse went 100 miles simply because I 
asked him to, and when he saw a dirt road, he couldn't help but trot out.  
His lifetime winnings at the track were $58, but he made a great trail 
horse.  He was careful with his feet and took care of himself.  At heart, he 
was lazy and on weekends that he wasn't competing, he was giving lessons to 
children.  The old guy finished 10 hundreds for me.  After Swift, I bought a 
lighter built Ara-app mare.  I was shocked at how much easier it was for her 
to trot up a hill or tiptoe through the rocks.  I hadn't realized how much 
effort it took for my big horse to simply move down the trail.  When I look 
for a horse again (horseless now), I will keep that in mind.  I think I'll 
always be a sucker for a calm personality, though.

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