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Re: a breed apart ... apps and standardbreds

I would like to make a comment, Stephanie... not necessarily a correction
but an observation to your comment about Arabs being hypersensitive... I
personally believe hypersensitivity is not a trait that is inherent in a
breed or even necessarily a part of an individual horse's genetic makeup.
The most hypersensitive horses we see are horses who are STALLED a LOT.
With little or no turnout.  And that goes for Arabs, Paints, Quarter Horses,
Appies, what have you...usually they are show horses or horses who are
boarded out and there is not room for long term turnout.  I think a calm
horse can quickly become hypersensitive if kept in this situation too often
and too long and I believe a hypersensitive horse can become calm and
happier once it is turned out, especially 24/7.  I have SEEN it happen.  I
think a lot of people's perceptions about Arabs come from the hyped up, high
headed animal they have probably seen at shows.  I know that is where MY
first impressions came from and though I felt they were the most beautiful
horse I had ever seen, I never believed I could ever own one let alone ride
one for FIFTY miles.  You know what they say about one horse is not enough
and two are too many????  So, what do they say about having TEN or more?  :)

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