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I think PNH is a great way to improve communication between you and your horse.  It's a systematic, well thought out plan that if followed exactly, will reap wonderful results.  My feeling is that it is best to start with a clinic beginning at Level l and  practice as often as you can and go to as many clinics as you can.   Each lesson builds on the last.  The person who was run over by her horse when she pointed in the direction to lunge obviously did not go through the preliminary steps.  
The Parelli method teaches you to communicate with your horse as horses communicate with each other and it's truly amazing how responsive they are to your body language.  A well mannered, responsive horse makes a great endurance horse.  This training method can help any horse in any discipline.  (I also am a John Lyons groupie-one can learn something from all good trainers).
Barbara Williams

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