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Re: RC: Appy types?

In a message dated 1/8/02 8:19:01 AM Pacific Standard Time, 

<< I swear she is built like a little Arab, wouldn't know she was Appy at all 
except for the coloring.  What is the "real" Appy type?  Is there a "real" 
Appy type?  Body conformation I mean.  Most Appy's I've seen until now look 
like Quarter Horses, or Running Quarters.  >>

This question made me laugh because there was this big flame war recently on 
an Appaloosa list that I'm on about this subject.  There is currently a huge 
debate between the breed on this point and whether outcrossing to other 
breeds should still be permissible.  

I think a "real" Appy is much like the one you describe.  I have a foundation 
bred Appaloosa filly that constantly gets mistaken for a half-Arab.  When she 
was a weanling, I had her turned out with an elderly, very exotic, gray 
Arabian mare.  Several people saw them together and assumed she was that 
mare's offspring.  However, I have another "foundation" mare who is 25 and 
she's much stockier, with bulkier muscles and a much larger head.  Both are 
still much smoother muscled than the Appaloosas that are all the rage right 
now.  Neither would win in the halter ring, and I paid less for my filly than 
some of her siblings went for because of her "flaws" -- like the smooth 
muscling, high neck set and head carriage, and high tail set.  


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