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Breed bashing? Not--a more historical perspective (long) Part 1

My post never came through on this subject, and I wondered if maybe it was too long.  So I'm splitting it into segments and resending it....         Heidi
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There is something to the idea of being able to  speak frankly about the pros and cons of not only breeds but of even particular lines,
This is so true, Sandy.  And it is different on one hand when someone asks "Can I ride endurance rides on my Appy/Morgan/Saddlebred/QH/whatever" than on the other hand when someone asks "What breed gives me the best odds to be successful in endurance?"  ANY breed can go out and successfully complete endurance rides.  What's more EVERY breed has individuals within it that can do endurance darn well.  That said, the Arab as a breed still gives one the best odds of success in the sport, and one can break that down to lines within the Arab breed as well.
The thing is to quit emoting about it and look at facts.  First of all, every horse of every breed has to be looked at as an individual.  If the horse is tough, sound, has reasonable recoveries, has a reasonable attitude about going down the trail, etc., no one can argue those facts, no matter what breed that horse may be.  One will find more of those horses among the ranks of the Arab breed, but one WILL find them in any breed if one looks.

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