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Carolyn's Appys

The one Appy of Carolyn's that I've had the pleasure to see has made me a
believer that nice (good body and good mind) Appys can be bred. Carolyn
apparently knows what she's doing <g> and if I let her, she could likely
teach me a thing or two about breeding AND distance riding. <beg>


You have your Carolyn's crossed. In His Image is owned by Carolyn Loedemen.
Yes, in her time, this was one tough mare (and I am talking about the horse,
not Carolyn<g> ) and yes Carolyn is tough too. (my second Mom growing up. I
never seemed to get away w/ much, not w/ Carolyn, my mother or Jeanie Miller
around.)  I grew up w/ this pair.  Along w/ here trail boyfriend Raffs
Justin (which is standing fat and sassy in my pasture, enjoying his
retirement) whom was only 1/2 Arab (he is an Anglo).  I bought Carolyn's
gelding "Olympic Odyssey," (my beloved friend) whom I never can quite get
out of my heart and soul.  He is 1/2 Arab, 1/2 App..  Heck the horse I ride
now is only a 1/2 Arab.

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