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Re: RC: Wrong Carolyn

Dear Jan, 

You have your Carolyn's crossed. In His Image is owned by Carolyn Loedemen.  
Yes, in her time, this was one tough mare (and I am talking about the horse, 
not Carolyn<g> ) and yes Carolyn is tough too. (my second Mom growing up. I 
never seemed to get away w/ much, not w/ Carolyn, my mother or Jeanie Miller 
around.)  I grew up w/ this pair.  Along w/ here trail boyfriend Raffs Justin 
(which is standing fat and sassy in my pasture, enjoying his retirement) whom 
was only 1/2 Arab (he is an Anglo).  I bought Carolyn's gelding "Olympic 
Odyssey," (my beloved friend) whom I never can quite get out of my heart and 
soul.  He is 1/2 Arab, 1/2 App..  Heck the horse I ride now is only a 1/2 

Everyone has a joke to tell about any breed you have. (kinda like blonde 
jokes) It is all in fun.  Lord knows if you have horses, you better have a 
sense of humor to go along with it.

Happy trails to all, whether it is on an Appy, Arab, Grade, etc.  Hey, your 
on the trail and Happy so who cares what the outside of the horse looks like.

Jinnifer Plummer
(or Jim-nifer if your Wayne McMinn, gee now I am showing my age)

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