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Re: RC: Breed bashing? Not.

  I also one is "pickin' on" any breed
...just relating stories. Being a new time Arab owner
I am heartened by hearing many people have experienced
this "stand-off-ish" trait Reno has and it took a good
6 months but their arab did eventually warm up to
them. This gives me hope that Reno will come
around...I so like a horse that is "affectionate"
  Ya know we can find these "quirks" in all breeds but
some seem more prevelant in certain breeds than
others. It is comforting to people that own a certain
breed that they are not alone in coping with a certain
trait they had thought was "odd". Personally, to me,
there is no bad breed or color of a good horse and
alot of what makes the ideal horse is how you deal
with them. These insights to how other horses are in
that breed sure helps us to deal with our own horse.

--- wrote:
> I don't see this as breed bashing. I really don't.
> We're just having a 
> conversation about some breeds. We could have a
> conversation about any breed. 


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