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Is it necessary ?

I have really enjoyed reading all the different suggestions re : endurance and have found it very helpful. The one thing I have to wonder about some of the posts lately is different off the cuff negative comments about other breeds. We all love our horses passionately and have our own preferences to what  breed we prefer and that is great !! It surely would be a boring world if everyone liked the same things. I guess I really don't find it useful and wonder to what point it serves to say negative , even in a joking manner,comments about other breeds. I also dislike it when people make assumptions ( you know what happens when you assume- you make an ass ( out of )  u ( you) and me) about an entire breed based on some negative experiences with some individuals of the breed. Out of each breed there are individuals who are wonderful to live with and others who are not ( kinda like  humans). I guess I don't see the real value of making such statements and would hope that people could refrain. This is not meant as any kind of "flame tactic", by the way . I just would like the post to continue giving us all a wonderful oppertuntity to exchange information in a positive environment.
You all have a wonderful day !
-Merrie Boone
 Silver Dream Arabians

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