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Mule or Appy?

I have an appy but don't have papers so I think she's either crossed with a gaited horse (she's an extremely smooth ride) or a mule. Looks like the mule part tho since she did what she did this last Sunday.
Ever since I've owned the mare, about 1 1/2 yrs., she's been very stubborn and very very strong. She didn't lead very well and totally forgot or chose to forget you were on the other end of the lead rope. My friend was bringing her to the trailer across my yard last winter, snow on the ground. The mare said no and proceeded to turn and walk back toward the barn with my friend literally skiing behind her. I had to run to catch her. She balks at the trailer, pulls you around everywhere else to find food, grass, leaves, even while riding her. She's a pig! As far as this last Sunday, all the other horses crossed this very very small creek, the ice broken in the middle. It was only maybe 2" deep. She refused for 45 min. no matter how hard I got on her. She must have sore ribs from my heels and a sore butt from the crop! She still refused to cross till one of the riders told me they were getting cold so I hand walked her over!! This is a horse who's never refused a bridge, a creek a jump.
Other than all of that, she's learned a lot this past year and doesn't pull you around as much. She's not mean at ALL. Matter of fact, she's the sweetest most loving horse in the barn!! But she's a MULE I tell you! A MULE!!!!!!

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