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stall walking

My horse had never been in a stall until this
summer, and was a terrible stall walker. I found
if I just lunge him for a very short time, just
about 5 - 10 minutes, of walking then mostly
trotting, he gets it out of his system. It's not
that it tires him out, I think it just lets him
move around a little more before going in. I also
made him a little stall toy. I cut small holes in
an empty milk jug, and put 2 or 3 apple wafer
treats in it, or pieces of carrots. It's tied to
the wall at about bucket level with hay rope. He
knocks it around to get the treats out when he's
all finished with his grain. It takes him a while
and really keeps him too busy to walk. The
combination of the two things work great for us.
I wouldn't know about the feeding part though...
Hope that can help you out some.

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