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Calling Susan!

Hi, all and happy New Year.  Not long into it and already I have a feeding question (go figure).
One of the horses in our yard, a big (16.3 hh) TB has problems putting on weight.  He's in very light work, and out all day in a herd.  Our grazing is not brilliant nutrients-wise, but just green and sweet enough to mean that the horses aren't interested in the hay nets, so supplementing his grazing with hay doesn't work in the field.  We also can't find any alfalfa, but are looking. 
The biggest problem with Doofleberry is that he box walks, and doesn't finish the hay net we put in his stable.  He's a highly-strung horse, and I've put him onto a herbal calmer (which has had an affect on his behaviour under-saddle but I have yet to see him tone down in the stable).  Leaving him out won't really help to put weight on him because then he won't eat hay, but will pick at the grazing. 
I've started giving him sunflower oil in his feed, and supercodlivine.  He was on a stack of grain at his old yard, about 5 kgs per day, plus bran, even though he only worked twice a week, but was never a great doer.  He's just had his wolf teeth removed, and is now on top quality hay, but just doesn't finish it.  I've cut his grain down to about 1,5 kgs per day, in the hope that it may stop the box-walking.
Am I doing the right thing?  Should I feed more grain and just work him more? 

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