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Re: RC: DVE - Karen's Pictures

At 07:38 PM 1/6/02 -0800, Lauren Horn wrote:
I really enjoyed the pictures of Death Valley (on endurohorse). It was great to view the pics and enjoy the trail all over again. How do you do it??? I got a digital camera for Christmas and brought it  to DVE but when it came time to pack up my horse and my cantle bags, I  thought the camera was too bulky. Do you wear it around your neck??  You must have a real small one? Camera, that is <VBG>

Thanks Lauren!  I keep it in my pommel pack.  I have a rubber bungee (thin one) around the pack, so when the camera goes inside it doesn't bounce.  It goes where a water battle would normally go.  The horses have learned how long it takes for me to stop and take a photo, they need to be standing completely still or the photo will be blurry.  It is great training for them, because they get so used to stopping in an instant, though you can see in some of the shots a nose sticking up in protest <G>. 

There is another set of 30 photos in limbo right now.  They have been uploaded, it gets to 100%--then it fails on me and they aren't displaying.  So hopefully it'll get fixed tomorrow and they'll show up.  They are from the last day of the ride. 


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