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Trailor loading

I agree with the tap , tap method John lyons uses with a whip. I was referring in my last post to where people who actually whip the horse hard repeatedly to get them into the trailor.  I heard one person brag that by time they were done with the horse the horse would just about leap into the trailor. I hate to think about doing this to any horse , but particularly to a horse who has been tramatized. I do have a question about the John Lyon's method with the tap , tap method. Does it work well with a horse who has been tramatized by a trailor accident ? I find this type of horse is dealing with something entirely different than a plain "I just don't wanna load type of horse." I gave a suggestion in what is working for us in this situation  , but would appreciate any tips dealing with a horse who has trailoring problems due to a trauma. There are certainly more than one way to skin a cat so to speak.  Our horse we just bought got stuck under the butt bar and it pinned him as the bar pressed into the middle of his back. It took about 20 min. to free him. I described the incident in an earlier post this eve. This horse previously to the accident had been trailored ALOT , Florida to Arizona, Arizona to Indiana and lots in between.
-Merrie Boone
 Silver Dream Arabians

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