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Re: giving advice nicely

A neighbor of mine many years ago left halters on and one of her horses died
after getting it caught on a fence post and slipped in the mud after a rain.
        Reminds me of some friends of mine who were/are new to the "having a
stallion" business and were pasturing the young stallion directly across the
fence from cycling mares.  (I think they thought it was okay since he had
grown up with those mares.)   I lectured to them over and over again about
the danger of this, especially since their fence was made with steel posts.
They would listen attentively, but do nothing.   Finally, I told them about
the case or two I had heard about of stallions impaling themselves on the
steel post while trying to breed the mare--and one of them disemboweling
himself (a bit more graphically than this--grin).   Their response to that?
"Argggh!  Do you have to be so Graphic?!!"    My response to them---"I guess
so--I've tried everything else."   And, no that didn't work, either.   But,
Someone has been looking out for their horses--there have been no injuries,
although there have been some "accidental" breedings.  Sigh.

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