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Re: RC: Blankets and Static Electricity

  Oh boy ...a subject I have delt with in my 30+ years
of haveing "show ponies". :) First lightly spray the
inside of your blanket with static guard. You will
only need to do this once every week or two. Make sure
blanket is dry before putting on horse.  Before
putting the blanket on your horse rub your horses coat
(with the hair) with unsented dryer sheets (the kind
you use on your clothes in the dryer). This will keep
the static down to an ocassional pop. We also
religiously sprayed our horses with a good non-silcone
hair moisturizer ( I like MVP's equifuse) made for
horses. This helps put moisture back into the hair
coat as well as repel stains. Having had a paint show
mare that was 80% white and had a penchant for laying
in manure this was a must for her!!!

--- wrote:
> Carla Lawson
> Okay taking off the blankets today I felt like I was
> holding a electric
> fence, from all the static electricity. Does anyone
> know any great ideas
> to prevent this? No wonder Haley runs at the sight
> of the blankets to be
> applied or why she has to be cornered to remove
> them. Poor girl!
> Carla (sh shh shh shhocking!)
> Ansata (ow hurry up!)
> Haley *gasp*
> Rob (wow do that again you and haley hair stands on
> end! kewl!)
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