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Re: Equine Dental Work

We have our horses teeth done yearly...the dentist likes it to be more like 6 months but he'll come out and check everyone over for us twice a year and he only does them if they need it.  He does the thorough job that Frank describes here and you wouldn't believe the problems that you can solve getting your horses' teeth done.   One of our clients had a yearling that looked like a weanling in size  that simply wouldn't thrive...we tried EVERYthing!  Probiotics, beet pulp, oil, worming, etc. We finally threw up our hands and told her to get the dentist.  Well, the dentist pulled two wolf teeth larger than any he had ever seen on ANY horse!!  We went there to trim horses on Thursday and that scrawny little runty thing is now turning into a handsome little horse!!  :)  I think dentists aren't given near enough credit for what they do and I highly recommend that you do get a qualified equine dentist or at least a vet that has gone to equine dentist school!  The difference between a regular vet's floating and that of an experienced dentist will blow you away.  And it's worth every penny!!

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